Transformative Technology

Vela replaces outdated and fragmented care coordination methods with a single, centralized, HIPAA-secure collaboration platform for enhanced communication, increased efficiency, and improved outcomes.

Enhanced Communication & Collaboration

Vela alleviates a care team’s dependency on phone calls and voicemails with modern, HIPAA-secure messaging capabilities, increasing a case manager’s rate of reach from 20% to 90%.


  • HIPAA-secure messaging
  • Calendar and task sharing
  • Medical record, file, and image sharing
  • Asynchronous audio and video sharing
  • Coordination of Long Term Services and Supports (LTSS)

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Improved Quality of Care

Vela helps case managers deliver the best care possible, thanks to a text-based model that 80% of patients are likely to opt into, allowing actionable insights to be shared in real-time and leading to more coaching opportunities for patients and caregivers.


  • Actionable intelligence 
  • Real-time alerts
  • Care plan modification
  • Caregiver and patient coaching/support
  • Re-determination reminders 
  • Benefits information 
  • Access to local resources
  • Case manager dashboard view and reports with Vela Pro


Reduced Costs

Vela’s modern approach to care team collaboration leads to savings for health care organizations by helping case managers implement individualized, person-centered care plans and driving greater accountability among individual team members.


  • Proven clinical surveys and protocols for dementia and other chronic conditions 
  • Person-centered care plans that account for Social Determinants of Health  
  • Facilitation of care team collaboration and leveraging family caregivers when available
  • Calendar sharing and alerts
  • Administrator dashboard view and reports with Vela Admin 


To learn more, visit the Vela website: