In the News: RIPCPC chooses Vela app for virtual health care collaboration platform

Vela, Seniorlink's virtual health care collaboration platform, was featured in Providence Business News about the recent partnership between Vela and the Rhode Island Primary Care Physicians Corp. (RIPCPC). The partnership allows everyone involved in a patient's care fluid communication between one another in a real-time HIPPA-secure environment. Individuals ranging from doctors, nurses, caregivers and pharmacists have access to varying information on the patient based on their role in the patient's health care.

Via Providence Business News:

Vela is intended to replace outdated care coordination methods, such as calls and texts messages, with a single, centralized, secure communication platform.

Caregivers, crucial agents of patients’ treatment, often left out of the loop, are now in the fold.

“I can’t state well enough how important having the caregiver in the system is,” said Benedict.

Caregivers, family, loved ones or friends, are often tasked with making sure patients get to their appointments, fill their prescriptions, and help pass information between doctors, nurses and pharmacists.


The system makes it much easier for patients with multiple medical conditions, often taking as many as 15 medications daily, to keep up with their medicine and diet needs. Even caregivers can find it difficult to keep up.

“You can just imagine the fatigue of taking 12 to 15 medications a day,” Riley said. “People get tired of it.”

Vela helps teams of medical professionals live up to the presumption of omniscience many patients invest in the medical professionals attending to them throughout their medical care.

“Your assumption is as a patient that your doctor understands all of this at the intimate level that we are talking about, but they don’t,” Benedict said.

The system will be offered in a six-month pilot program to 500 managed care patients in RIPCPC’s network of 150 Rhode Island doctors, Benedict said. The service will be provided to RIPCPC’s members and their patients at no additional cost, Benedict said.

“RIPCPC’s adoption of Vela for its community is an important step toward ensuring that caregivers are fully integrated into health care decisions so that patients can receive the most effective, and most supportive care possible,” Riley said.

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