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Care Collaboration Solutions that blend human touch with technology to improve outcomes.

At Seniorlink, we’ve spent nearly twenty years helping risk-bearing entities deliver high-quality, person-centered care more efficiently with solutions that range from our intensive in-home care model, Caregiver Homes to our advanced care collaboration platform, Vela.

Our success lies in streamlining how interdisciplinary care teams coordinate and provide care, with care collaboration solutions that foster greater engagement among family caregivers and patients, and better outcomes for patients and providers.

Seniorlink's Care Collaboration Solutions​

Seniorlink's models of care streamline how interdisciplinary care teams coordinate and provide care, with a range of care collaboration solutions. Our innovative approach to care collaboration is rooted in a combination of our intensive care model, Caregiver Homes, which has provided cost savings of over $400 million for providers over a decade, and our novel technology that gathers actionable intelligence allowing for interventions that impact outcomes.

The transformative way to collaborate on care.​

Vela transforms care management by modernizing the way interdisciplinary teams communicate and collaborate to deliver high-quality, person-centered care.

Ongoing Innovation
Vela is Seniorlink’s most innovative care collaboration solution to date, bringing together several advanced technologies including secure messaging, machine learning, and chatbot development.