Watch: New Video on LTSS Integration Featuring Seniorlink CEO

A new video from the Long Term Quality Alliance discusses the value of integrating long term services and supports (LTSS), a broad category of services for the elderly. In the video, a panel of experts from different segments of the LTSS industry, as well as family caregivers and consumers, share their experience in seeing the positive outcomes that result from integration.

In short: when the providers of medical care, therapy, and other services communicate with each other and with family caregivers, consumers see across-the-board benefits.  

This is something we know well at Seniorlink, thanks to our Caregiver Homes program that coordinates care between caregivers, consumers, RNs, and social workers. Tom Riley, our President and CEO here at Seniorlink, offers his view on the topic. In one quote, he notes the vital importance of caregivers in any integration effort:

We have to recognize that the caregivers associated with these individuals are the most important, the most proximate, and the most trusted people.  And if we're smart, and we incorporate them into the framework, then we'll get this integration thing right. If we don't, if we continue to walk past them, it's at minimum a missed opportunity, and at a maximum, I think we might fail. 

Watch the video below to see more from Tom and the other participants. 


The Value of Integrated Long-Term Services and Supports from Kian McKellar on Vimeo.