Seniorlink Launches Second Annual Thank You Caregiver Nation Campaign to Recognize the Valuable Contributions of Family Caregivers Across the U.S.

Through the Thank You Caregiver Nation campaign, Seniorlink is honoring family caregivers, who provide an estimated economic value of nearly half a trillion dollars annually in healthcare services. This year, the campaign aims to raise additional awareness about the more than 15 million family caregivers who provide approximately $230 billion in unpaid services supporting patients with Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia.

Boston, MA (November 2, 2017) — In honor of National Family Caregivers Month, Seniorlink, Inc., a leading provider of care collaboration solutions, is launching its second annual Thank You Caregiver Nation campaign, an initiative to honor the commitment of family caregivers.

This year, the campaign is focused on caregivers supporting family members suffering from Alzheimer’s and other dementias. Through the efforts of these family caregivers, loved ones can remain in the community instead of living in an institution. To help raise awareness, Seniorlink is sharing the story of Pam Montana, a woman recently diagnosed with younger-onset Alzheimer’s, and Bob, her husband and caregiver. You may view Pam’s video story here. Seniorlink is also supporting Alzheimer’s and dementia caregivers with a Facebook group (, inviting caregivers to connect with fellow caregivers, share experiences and access information from Seniorlink care professionals.

“Family caregiving can be overwhelming, especially for those caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s or dementia.  Caregivers often forget to care for themselves as they work to ensure that their loved ones can remain in the community,” said Seniorlink Chief Executive Officer Tom Riley. “Thank You Caregiver Nation is one way that we can recognize and support family caregivers for the remarkable work that they do every day.”

The tasks required of family caregivers can be intense and unrelenting, with even more stress added when caring for Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia patients. Family caregivers provide care for 50 million patients, at an economic value of $520 billion in uncompensated care.  Approximately 15 million (30%) of those caregivers provide care for a loved one with Alzheimer’s or dementia.

In 2017, Seniorlink introduced the VOICE Dementia Care Program, a training program proven to help caregivers better manage and engage in the care of their loved ones. This program has resulted in improved confidence and competency for family caregivers and significant improvement in emergency room visits and hospitalizations. Seniorlink is now integrating these protocols in its care collaboration technology platform, Vela, for all of its clients.

“Our nation’s healthcare system cannot sustain itself without the work of family caregivers,” said Riley. “Seniorlink is devoted to engaging with and supporting caregivers through a combination of technology-enabled protocols and dedicated clinicians. When caregivers have the tools and support, they can do amazing things.”

As part of the Thank You Caregiver Nation initiative, Seniorlink and its partners are giving away 36 care packages to family caregivers. These packages are valued at over $500 each and are designed to encourage family caregivers to relax for a few moments and recognize their own contributions. To enter to win a Care Package and join the Caregiver Nation, family caregivers can go to Caregivers do not need to be Seniorlink clients to participate.

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