Seniorlink Clinical Transformation Officer to Present at Digital Health Summer Summit


Digital Health Summer Summit begins June 19 in San Diego, California. Seniorlink's Clinical Transformation Officer, Jay V. Patel, PharmD, MBA, is speaking on the panel "Tackling Two Conditions That Will Bankrupt America: Mental Health + Alzheimer’s disease."

The panel discusses how "Tackling these two public health crises will require innovative approaches from payers, pharma, and providers of healthcare solutions. An emphasis on technology, novel clinical research, and distinctive partnerships are flooding the market to address this issue. This important discussion is intended to describe the core elements of pioneering proof-of-concept solutions that are focused on better management for both of these costly conditions. The aim is to look at a cross-section of the burgeoning industry by highlighting companies taking different approaches to the same problem."

Jay will be speaking about Seniorlink's unique approach to these two problems and how we are using technology and clinical research.

Tackling Two Conditions That Will Bankrupt America: Mental Health + Alzheimer’s disease
June 19, 1:40 pm - 2:20 pm
San Diego, California

To learn more about the summit, visit the website here!