Seniorlink Clinical Transformation Officer Jay V. Patel and AbleTo Chief Medical Officer Dr. Reena Pande to Present, "Tackling Two Conditions That Will Bankrupt America: Mental Health + Alzheimer's Disease"

BOSTON and NEW YORK, June 15, 2017 -- Seniorlink Inc. Clinical Transformation Officer Jay V. Patel and AbleTo Chief Medical Officer Dr. Reena Pande will together present, "Tackling Two Conditions That Will Bankrupt America: Mental Health + Alzheimer's Disease" at a panel session on June 19th at the Digital Health Summer Summit (DHSS) in San Diego.

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The session will highlight how technological innovation, evidence-based protocols, and collaboration can provide patients and caregivers with access to care and guidance when needed.  The panel will also discuss the core elements of pioneering proof-of-concept solutions that help patients and their caregivers focus on better managing these conditions.

In the U.S., one in five adults struggles with their emotional or mental health each year. For example, in the case of Alzheimer's, every four seconds someone is diagnosed with the disease, contributing to dementia care costs that are forecast to reach $1 trillion in the U.S. in 2018. The impact of emotional and mental health conditions is global, however, and decades of research demonstrates that struggles with these conditions can contribute to other medical health issues, as well as impair productivity at work.

"Alzheimer's Disease and mental health conditions are the costliest public health concerns that could have enormous negative social and financial impact worldwide if unaddressed," said Patel. "Now is the time to invest in approaches that encourage a blend of human insight and technological innovation. I am honored to discuss these ideas at the Digital Health Summer Summit."

"Investment in mental health and other chronic health conditions makes economic sense," said Dr. Pande. "The World Health Organization has found that for every dollar invested in scaling up the right treatment for depression and anxiety, we see a return of four dollars in better health and ability to work. Companies and organizations need to understand the compelling social and economic reasons to invest in the mental health of people around the world."

The Digital Health Summer Summit is located within the BIO International Convention and is focused on new trends and ideas, cutting-edge products, and innovative strategies to improve digital health businesses. The Summit will take place at the San Diego Convention Center on June 19-20, 2017. For more information, visit

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AbleTo is a technology-enabled provider of behavioral health care. AbleTo has been treating patients for over five years, and improves patient outcomes and lowers costs by providing treatment that integrates behavioral and medical health care. AbleTo's structured therapy programs strengthen medical recovery and self-care among members with chronic or complex clinical needs. AbleTo analytics, coupled with our highly-trained engagement team, identify members with unmet, often undiagnosed, behavioral health needs. A proprietary communications platform connects individuals and their care teams with AbleTo licensed providers who deliver weekly sessions by phone or video. AbleTo programs are clinically proven to improve both behavioral health and medical outcomes while lowering overall spending for high-cost, high-risk members. AbleTo's investors include .406 Ventures, BlueCross BlueShield Venture Partners/Sandbox Industries and HLM Venture Partners. For more information, visit


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