Caregiver Homes of Ohio serves individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities who specifically require a caregiver who is not a family member. Our model – known as Structured Family Caregiving – uses a stable family home situation for these consumers because we believe there is nothing like care when it happens in the context of a caring, personal family-like context.

Caregiver Homes™ of Ohio is seeking experienced non-family caregivers who share this belief and can use their caregiving skills to significantly enhance the quality of life for an individual with developmental disabilities.  Are you an independent provider or affiliated with an agency?  Do you desire reliable payment for your commitment and skill as well as total administrative support?

Caregiver Profile

  • We are currently searching for experienced male and female caregivers to live with and help support a consumer with developmental disabilities and/or mental health challenges.
  • Individual needs are specific to each consumer, but in general we seek caregivers who are open-minded and able to deliver a supportive environment with a focus on providing support and assistance in a non-authoritative manner.
  • Caregivers should focus on being a positive role model and mentor for the man or woman with whom they are matched.

About Caregiver Homes™ of Ohio

Caregiver Homes™ has an innovative way of providing Adult Foster Care (AFC) that puts caregiver support at the heart of our service. At Caregiver Homes, we understand that caring for individuals with developmental disabilities is a calling to serve those who need our help, and who deeply deserve our support and care. At the same time, we know that caregivers need to earn a stable, predictable living.

Caregiver Homes provides:

  • Twice monthly payment to full-time, live-in caregivers based on days of work performed.
  • Professional support through a nurse and care manager including home visits and on-call support.
  • Web-based tools to ensure high quality care and simplify paperwork.
  • Administrative support including completion of billing and required documentation forms.

Please call or email if you believe you can be this caregiver. Please respond with up-to-date contact information, including a valid phone number, and a brief work history. If you would simply like to learn more about Caregiver Homes™, please call or email.

In our work, we make a difference the day we start.  Over time, we become part of the family.  We look forward to serving alongside you and together in this important work.