In the News: Providing Needed Caregiver Support: Caregiver Homes

Caregiver Homes was recently featured in an article on the Blog for Families run by, a consumer ratings and reviews site for senior care providers nationwide.                             


In the United States alone, over 65 million people spend an average of twenty hours a week or more caring for an ill, disabled, or senior family member. Our country is full of caregivers struggling to balance the responsibilities of living a full life, while also providing care for someone they love.

It’s a hard job and one that’s in many ways underserved. Caregiver Homes seeks to change that last part.

The families that have worked with Caregiver Homes have felt the difference. 96% of them have said they’re likely to recommend the service to others and the Caregiver Homes team often receive more direct feedback from a number of families who are happy with the service.

[Seniorlink CMO Mary] Gallagher says that’s how they know they’re accomplishing their goals. “We’re not just putting words out there, that ‘we care for the caregivers.’ We’re being truthful in our ability to be able to deliver on that promise.”

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