In the News: Program offers caregivers support, financial assistance

Indianapolis Recorder

This week Caregiver Homes, Seniorlink's in-home care management solution, was featured in the Indianapolis Recorder.


When Yvette McCoin’s mother, Janice McCoin, lost her vision after undergoing brain surgery, doctors suggested moving Janice to a nursing home for 24-hour care. McCoin felt that family would be better apt to provide assistance, so she took it upon herself to become her mother’s full-time caregiver. When McCoin made that decision, she knew a lot of new responsibilities were going to be added to her plate, so she decided to work together with her siblings to offer Janice the attention needed.

One day, McCoin took her mother to a routine doctor’s visit and was informed by a social worker that there was a program available to help people talking care of aging or disabled family members. At first, McCoin was hesitant to let anyone else get involved in the situation.

“I said, I’m OK, I don’t need any help. I told them that my siblings help me out. She insisted they could help me take care of my mother. I put it off at first, but two months later I gave them a call, and they told me about Caregiver Homes,” said McCoin.


Emily Arent, a branch manager with Caregiver Homes of Indiana, feels the organization often assists people who are out of options.

“I feel very proud to do what I do, because we are very mission-driven. It can be so powerful to be that support of guiding force when someone doesn’t know where to turn,” said Arent.

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