In the News: Program keeps a parent at home, saves the government money

An article in the Worcester Telegram features a Caregiver Homes caregiver, Ana Borges, as well as Seniorlink Clinical Transformation Officer Jay Patel and Dr. Sarah McGee of UMass Medical School. 


“I know she’s safe at home, and I know, working at a nursing home, that all the residents say, ‘I want to go home,’” said Ms. Borges, 53, a certified nursing assistant, as well as the home caregiver for her mother, Josefina Rivera, who has dementia. “My mom is home.”

Ms. Borges provides 24-hour live-in care for her 82-year-old mother; monitoring her blood pressure and blood sugar, ensuring medications are taken, helping cook and clean, and taking daily walks with the “Queen of the House” through their Main South neighborhood.

Ms. Borges coordinates this care with Seniorlink Caregiver Homes, which supports caregivers and patients with care teams that provide guidance to help keep elders and the disabled living in the home. 


“For the people who don’t have resources and the state is going to pay for their care, this is a less expensive option, clearly,” said Dr. Sarah McGee, a clinical professor specializing in geriatric medicine at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. “This is a way to keep people in their own home, which is where they want to be...You want to say that people should be doing this anyways with their loved ones, but not everyone can afford to.”

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