In the News: The Opportunities and Challenges of AI in Healthcare

This month Seniorlink was mentioned in a VentureBeat article on the opportunities and challenges of AI in healthcare.

Via VentureBeat

Despite challenges, innovation in health care must continue. According to Teo of B Capital, “A study by the Association of American Medical Colleges estimates that by 2025 there will be a shortfall of between 14,900 and 35,600 primary care physicians.” At the same time, the population is aging and in need of more medical attention.

Thus, inaction and failure to innovate may lead to doing harm.


Teo identifies AI powered chatbots and virtual assistants as one way to “alleviate supply constraints by widening the reach of video telehealth options. In this case, diagnosis can be powered by machine learning and then trained by artificial intelligence.” Examples of companies providing clinician assistant and care delivery services include Babylon Health, Evidation Health, Sensely, and Seniorlink.

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