In the News: MS Brothers Able to Remain at Home Thanks to Caregiving Support

Multiple Sclerosis News Today

Via MS News Today:

Continuing to live in your own home when you can no longer look after yourself is an ideal many people seek to aspire to – but it’s not easy. Outside help is often needed.

Alex Camarillo is one perfect example of this. He is 35 years old, has severe multiple sclerosis, and lives at home in South Bend, Indiana, where he is cared for by his brother Danny, who is in his late 30s.

The brothers could not live in the way that they do without the benefit of the support they receive from a dedicated care team from Caregiver Homes.

Danny told me: “I was put in contact with Caregiver Homes through Real Services. I think this is a very valuable company with a lot of resources.  It is extremely helpful to someone as myself, who does not have any medical experience.

“The services I have used the most have been the resources the company has helped set me up with.  For example, getting Alex set up with a therapist to see, and also just the support they offer Alex when they come to our home.  They are always a listening ear for him, which is very helpful.”


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