In the News: Empowered Patient Podcast

This month Seniorlink's Clinical Transformation Officer, Jay V. Patel, was a featured guest on the Empowered Patient Podcast, a podcast that covers a variety of pressing topics in health care like aging in place, personalized medicine, and connected health. In this episode, Jay discusses the level of confidence family caregivers need to effectively and safely care for their loved one at home, and how Seniorlink is using technology and training programs to provide caregivers with the confidence they need. 

"When you have a caregiver who's involved, sometimes they're there because they had planned to be there: they're taking care of their mom or dad and they saw something coming. Often times, though, it's individuals who have been put into the position [as a caregiver]. When we think of caregiver readiness or the science of what makes a good caregiver, we found that it's really just about confidence. What they often times struggle with is confidence because often times theyre not trained medical professional, but theyre being asked to do things like medication management or administering oxygen or other things along those lines, like wound care.


Once we have established someone is confident we give them coaching and tools in order to feel confident and then it becomes about wellness and being able to take care of themselves in the same process of taking care of someone else." 

Listen to the full podcast here!