Introducing Study Results and VOICE Dementia Care

Last week members of Seniorlink's Center for Clinical Excellence (CCE) headed to San Francisco for the International Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics World Congress. At the meeting, Dr. David Young, VP of the CCE, debuted results from a Seniorlink study of a training program for dementia caregivers. These results are years in the making, and this is an exciting moment for the entire Seniorlink organization!

The data show significant improvements in outcomes for both caregivers and the recipients of care after the caregiver underwent a training program that includes in-person sessions followed by ongoing consultation. Caregivers in the study experienced an increase in confidence and felt less burdened by their role. Their care recipients experienced a remarkable 47% decrease in incident events overall -- defined as falls, emergency department visits and hospitalizations -- including a 71% decrease in hospitalizations and a 50% reduction in ED visits.

Seniorlink also took the occasion of this debut to formally announce the VOICE Dementia Care program to the public. The VOICE program was first announced in 2015, though until this year results from the initial study had not been finalized and published. Dementia Care now joins the Falls Prevention program for which data was presented earlier this year, under the VOICE banner. Now, information about both VOICE modules can be found on the Seniorlink website. These programs are already in active use within Seniorlink's intensive care model (known as Caregiver Homes).

The VOICE program doesn't just provide Seniorlink with insight into what helps caregivers provide better care. It makes a real impact for the families. The caregivers who underwent training have remarked how they feel more empowered to seek out and share information as well as focus on their own well-being.

As a company that has always been centered on supporting caregivers and honoring families, we couldn't be prouder of the results we see today, and we all feel energized by the potential of programs like VOICE to impact more lives as Seniorlink's Care Collaboration platform, Vela, expands the company's footprint to new populations.