In the News: Leveraging Family Caregivers, Clinical Protocols and Technology to Improve Person-Centered Care

| by Seniorlink Company News

Seniorlink's EVP and Chief Development Officer, William J. McIvor, published an article in the current issue of CMSA Today, the quarterly publication of the Case Management Society of America. The article is titled"Leveraging Family Caregivers, Clinical Protocols and Technology to Improve Person-Centered Care" and discusses the importance of communication between family caregivers and case managers by utilizing HIPAA-compliant technology platforms to ensure clinical protocols are being met. 

Via CMSA Today

"By fully integrating caregivers as a member of the care team, organizations can effectively deputize caregivers to become the case managers’ workforce, representing the most proximate and trusted resource to the patient and acting as eyes and ears in the home. Both technology and protocols are key in unlocking this value: the ability to communicate easily, immediately and effectively, and the knowledge to look for certain crucial signs as states and environments change. Combining the voice of the caregiver in the home with the expert voices of the clinician team, organizations can get the full “stereo sound” of the patient’s health situation, and are able to prevent costly outcomes.

Organizations that implement all three of these tenets have been effective in improving outcomes as well as satisfaction among care team members and caregivers. Everyone who works with patients wants to do a good job and help avoid costly hospitalizations and ER visits."

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