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Anne N.,
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“44 million Americans provide unpaid assistance and support to older people and adults with disabilities who live in the community.”

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Family caregiving for an elder is hard work - even if you have a great plan and know what all of your options are. Have you thought through how you are going to create, let alone put into action - an eldercare plan while you juggle a job, the kids, and siblings that disagree with what approach should be taken? What if you are 150 miles away? Might as well be 15,000. Do you know what to do and who to turn to?

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Sort out the eldercare maze - know what your options are

Grandma and GranddaugterTo put it mildly, the eldercare system is confusing. Even we double check our materials when one of our parents needs help—especially when they live several hundred miles away! How can you be expected to know what Medicare and Medicaid will pay for, or what an “AAA” is, or how to find a really great home health aide?

Let us help you figure out your options so you can focus on the really important stuff — being a loving and supportive son or daughter.

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Get objective, unbiased help from the eldercare experts

Two Men OutdoorSince 1999, Seniorlink has helped thousands of family caregivers just like you care for an aging parent or relative. Our experience has led us to an important conclusion about eldercare - Family caregiving for an elder is more than just getting facts and information.

Sure, you need to know the right phone number, or who to call, or information like what Medicaid will pay for (or not!). We are great at all of that, but so are many other services - some for free and some for hire.

What we do best is help you turn the notes into music - to take information about your eldercare situation and help you think through all of the stumbling blocks that we have observed over the years. Like how to deal with the fact that many elders resist change and may reject attempts to do something a different way. Or how to handle things when dad is unwilling to allow you to help him with the finances. Or what to do when your brothers and sisters are in disagreement over what to do next - leading to arguments and indecision. This is what we do - we are eldercare experts with just one goal: Turn information about mom or dad into a plan that really works - a plan that helps your elder live as independely and with as much dignity as possible, while giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

Nothing but independent, objective and professional help on elder caregiving.

Make a plan - get control of the situation

Mom Ann"Is home safe so mom doesn’t fall?"
"I’m worried about how socially isolated dad seems."
"Do you think mom is eating right?"
"Lately, dad seems so much more forgetful."

Sound familiar? At Seniorlink, we hear this all day long from our callers. All Seniorlink Online members complete a risk evaluation questionnaire that helps you, and your Seniorlink Care Advisor, make decisions as to the best course of action.

Let us help you sort out facts from fears.

Find the perfect local eldercare service

Senior CitizenIt doesn’t matter whether you are looking for eldercare help in Boston, Miami, Fort Worth or Los Angeles — Seniorlink has the expertise and network to help you locate and hire the right local eldercare services.

When you need some eldercare expertise right in you parent’s hometown, our Care Advisors will connect you with a geriatric care manager from our nationwide network of over 1,100 eldercare professionals - nurses, social workers, gerontologists and more.

Independent eldercare experts ready to help — when and where you need it.

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